Section: Visitors


We warmly encourage private law scholars to apply to be visitors to the Law School and to the Centre. We are usually able to provide work space and related facilities for successful applicants.

Limited financial support may also be available through the MacCormick Fellowships.

Recent visitors with an interest in private law include


•    Dr David Fox, Cambridge (July-August) 

•    Prof. Elena Lauroba Lacasa, Barcelona (July-August)

•    Anna Berlee, Maastricht (May)


•    Dr David Fox, Cambridge (November-December)

•    James Lee, King's College London (September-December) - MacCormick Fellow

•    Prof. Toshikazu Fujimoto, Osaka (July-August)

•    Prof. David Snyder, American University (April)

•    Prof. Thomas Rüfner, Trier (March-April)


•    Dr Mitzi Wiese, UNISA (December)

•    Prof. Yaëll Emerich, McGill University (August-October) - MacCormick Fellow

•    Riccardo Omodei Sale, Verona (August)

•    Prof. C G van der Merwe, Stellenbosch (May-July)

•    Prof. Gregory Alexander, Cornell (May)

•    Willem Loof, Maastricht (April-May)


•    Prof. Pablo Lerner, Ramat Gan School of Law (September-December)

•    Prof. Lloyd T Wilson Jr, Indiana University (September-December)


•    Prof. John Lovett, Loyola University New Orleans (August-December) - MacCormick Fellow

•    Cristina Mercurio, University of Palermo (September-November)

•    Dr Mauro Tescaro, University of Verona (July-August)

•    Prof. Jörg Schmid, University of Luzern (May)


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